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Welcome to PiiL!

PiiL is an open-source (the source code) and biologist-friendly tool. You can easily PiiL your data; i.e. load your DNA methylation and/or gene expression data over any of the KEGG pathways and let PiiL color it for you,  in order to identify or discover genes with differential methylation / expression patterns. DNA methylation data can be from Illumina's methylation arrays or RRBS. PiiL provides a set of analytical features facilitating quick assessment of specific patterns, and selecting subsets of CpG sites and examine their impact on expression of the host gene. PiiL also produces vector quality images of the pathways and their visualized loaded data or a list of genes highlighted in the pathway that are suitable to be used in publications.

Some data for testing the tool is downloadable here. If you have your DNA methylation data with CpG sites on the rows and beta-values for each sample on the columns, you can use PiiLer to convert your DNA methylation data to PiiL format.

PiiL your data and cite our publication, please.